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Our Boat – What is the best boat for an Alaska Fishing Trip?

/Our Boat – What is the best boat for an Alaska Fishing Trip?
Our Boat – What is the best boat for an Alaska Fishing Trip?2020-03-27T23:32:55+00:00


We think it’s the Rosemary June– a brand new 31′ Parker.

Parker fishing boat

The Ultimate Fishing Boat for Salmon and Halibut Day Fishing Excursions

The Rosemary June is a brand new 2018 Parker 2530 XL.  Parker is a world renown shipbuilder, and this model is the ideal vessel for the serious fisherman.  The boat offers comfortable seating inside the cabin with a private, enclosed toilet.  The RJ is powered by a new 300 HP Yamaha F series outboard. She travels fast so you can optimize your time on the fishing grounds.  If you are visiting on a cruise, you have limited time. If you want a real fishing trip, you need to get on the water ASAP. You need to get off the ship and find your way directly to your charter so you can get your gear wet. Don’t get caught up in the tourist trap. There are many companies that herd unsuspecting tourists into a generic, pre-fab trip, where you will be lucky to land a pink. Our focus is showing you a once in a lifetime trip so we can convince you to come back.  A large portion of our clientele are repeat customers who simply can’t get enough. Every time they come back we find a new adventure and chase a new trophy. This is the trip you are looking for and we want to be the ones responsible for your future love affair with Alaska!

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Locally born and raised fisherman Jos Govaars is at the heart of Alaska Go Fish, LLC. He has chartered extensively throughout the Inside Passage and knows the waters perfectly, so you are sure to enjoy your fishing adventures.

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Jos Govaars

President & Founder

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