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Where is the Best Alaska Fishing Cruise Vacation?

/Where is the Best Alaska Fishing Cruise Vacation?
Where is the Best Alaska Fishing Cruise Vacation?2020-03-27T23:38:22+00:00

Which cruise is the best for fishing in Alaska?

There are hundreds of options when you consider the various packages and numerous companies that offer cruises to Alaska.  With this in mind, it is important that you select the right cruise to fit your wish list. If fishing in Alaska is a priority for you there are a few things you need to keep in mind.   

  1. Location: While all of Alaska offers great opportunities for fishing, you need to make sure you think through your goals.  Anchorage and the mainland have incredible river runs. However, Southeast Alaska is where you will be trolling for fresh healthy ocean salmon.  Once salmon hit fresh water they begin the cycle of spawning and death. Salmon caught in the ocean is typically a much healthier, brighter and quality fish.  Ketchikan is the ideal city for healthy ocean Kings.
  1. Time in town: Stay in ports can vary from 2 hours to ½ a day (7 hours).  If you want to be able to track and catch a trophy salmon you need to make sure your stay in town is at least 4 hours in the target ports.   We fish out of Ketchikan, and like all proud Alaskans will believe that our fishing is the best. There are many good options – all of South East Alaska enjoys strong salmon runs.  
  1. Time on the Fishing Grounds:  In Ketchikan, you have the unique benefit of being able to step off a cruise ship directly onto our charter boat.  We moor our boats in the same harbor where most cruise ships will be docking. This means you can save yourself up to 45 minutes, on both ends of the trip, which can almost double your time on the water.  Be sure to focus on “TIME ON THE WATER”.   Any charter company can run a circle around the channel and snag a few pinks.  We focus on Trophy Fish and for these, you need to spend as much time on the fishing grounds as possible.    
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